Repour Wine Saver 10-Pack
Repour Wine Saver 10-Pack
Repour Wine Saver 10-Pack
Repour Wine Saver 10-Pack
Repour Wine Saver 10-Pack
Repour Wine Saver 10-Pack

Repour Wine Saver 10-Pack

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These little stoppers remove oxygen from the bottle, and preserve the wine better than ANYTHING I have ever used.

These are the greatest single-use alternative to the coravin. I actually think it works better than the coravin after my tests. 

Have a glass (or end the shift), put the repour stopper back on, keep it in a cool place, and your wine will taste absoutely perfect.

When I did my own tests, I actually called the owner, because I didn't believe him for months. These things are going to be a must-have for every distributor and sommelier for sure. Test them out yourself! 




Brand: Repour

Color: Indigo Blue


  • THE MOST EFFECTIVE WINE PRESERVER ON THE MARKET: Inside each Repour wine stopper is an FDA approved (non toxic) oxygen-absorbing material that removes 100% of the oxygen from the air in the bottle above the wine, and from the wine itself.
  • SIMPLE, SAFE, AND EASY TO USE: Each disposable stopper saves a full bottle of wine, taken glass by glass over days, weeks or months. Only a simple Repour stopper to manage; no gadgets, vacuums, pumps, batteries or complex contraptions needed! Simply unseal Repour, stop your bottle, and come back later to enjoy. BPA-free.
  • LOW COST: Repour is the most inexpensive wine saver on the market, as low as $1.00 per saved bottle
  • INDEPENDENTLY LAB TESTED AND VALIDATED: Repour has been independently tested. Repour works
  • SOMMELIER ENDORSED: Repour has been tested and validated by an independent 3rd party lab and endorsed by Certified Sommeliers, winery owners, and hundreds of wine lovers

Publisher: Repour

Details: The Repour Wine Saver 10-Pack offers a smart, effective, and affordable way for you to save your wine. The 10-pack fits efficiently into kitchen/bar drawers for easy access and use. It's also the perfect hostess gift size. Repour's patent pending technology utilizes oxygen-absorption to eliminate 100% of oxygen in your favorite bottle of opened wine, keeping it fresh for days, weeks, or months!

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