Repour Wine Saver 4-Pack
Repour Wine Saver 4-Pack
Repour Wine Saver 4-Pack
Repour Wine Saver 4-Pack

Repour Wine Saver 4-Pack

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These little stoppers remove oxygen from the bottle, and preserve the wine better than ANYTHING I have ever used.

These are the greatest single-use alternative to the coravin. I actually think it works better than the coravin after my tests. 

Have a glass (or end the shift), put the repour stopper back on, keep it in a cool place, and your wine will taste absoutely perfect.

When I did my own tests, I actually called the owner, because I didn't believe him for months. These things are going to be a must-have for every distributor and sommelier for sure. Test them out yourself! 







  • The easiest, most effective way to preserve your wine
  • Removes harmful oxygen from wine
  • One stopper saves an entire bottle until the very last drop

Publisher: REPOUR

Details: Repour Wine Saver 4-Pack. The simpler, smarter wine stopper. Helps keep your wine fresher for longer Easy to use--simply insert the RepourTM Wine Saver in place of the bottle's original cork Removes oxygen from opened bottles to reduce degradation No need for complex or ineffective vacuum contraptions No more wasted wine No more whining about bad bottles of wine. Finally, science has gotten around to solving a problem that's been plaguing oenophiles since wine was first bottled--what to do with the remaining wine when you just can't finish a whole bottle. Over the years, there have been lots of overly complex and ineffective contraptions designed to preserve leftover half-bottles of wine, but none of them delivered as advertised. Until now. The RepourTM Wine Saver offers an easy and effective solution to this problem--simply replace the bottle's original cork with RepourTM and rest easy knowing that your wine will be perfectly preserved for days, weeks, and even months. Don't wait to learn about this awesome product through the grapevine. Remember the old question is the bottle half full or half empty? The truth is that it's both. A half-empty bottle of wine is also half-full of oxygen, and oxygen is responsible for degrading and spoiling your remaining wine. It might sound like sour grapes, but the competition's vacuum stoppers provide an overly complex solution to an easy problem to solve. Instead of using involved pumping mechanisms, the RepourTM Wine Saver is a smart stopper created with an oxygen-absorbing material that continually works to remove oxygen from the bottle. In other words, it keeps your wine fresh to the last drop! Open and enjoy multiple bottles at a time. Why pick just one? With RepourTM Wine Savers, there's no more wasting wine! And it's great for hosting, too. Have that one guest who likes red instead of white? Now you can serve a bottle of each and keep them both fresh! A wine-derful item for any sommelier--order your Repour Wine S

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